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    We work hand-in hand with the Fraser River Conservation Society collecting data on all Sturgeon that board our boats. This program also allows the unique opportunity for our guests to gain knowledge and have the amazing chance to get hands on and assist our guides with the tagging process. It is with this knowledge and understanding we can help our guests to appreciate this magnificent creature.


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    Great River Fishing Adventures is dedicated to the survival and rebuilding of the population of our White Sturgeon. The most crucial and pressing issues are the preservation and the conservation of this unique fishery. The Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society has initiated a very successful and rare tagging program, which has allowed for the ability to record data such as migration patterns and growth rates. The initiative taken by the anglers on the river to diligently tag and record data on all Sturgeon caught trips is what mainly has kept this fishery open and flourishing. The catch and release tagging program has allowed British Columbia to be recognized as one of the top fishing destinations in the world for Sturgeon fishing.


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    GRFA proudly hosts the Jurassic Classic Sturgeon Fundraiser. Through the efforts of the The Wild Sheep Society of BCGuide Outfitters Association of BC and the Wild Sheep Foundation, this incredible event raises awareness and much needed funding for the plight of the Wild Sheep here in BC. Every year like minded sportsmen and women gather here in Chilliwack for an all inclusive weekend of tournament style sturgeon fishing with a unique blend of comradery and competition. For more info please contact us.




    GRFA is proud to be able to to work alongside FIRC. This corp was created to help blend conservation and science through the eyes of sportanglers, first nations and industry. We are in a unique position to be able to relate all these facets. We offer on and off the water support to researchers and firms looking to do biotelgraphy, water/soil sampling, water mapping, habitat restoration/development, data collection etc… For more info please feel free to contact us at info@greatriverfishing.com

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