Great River Fishing Adventures has been featured on the following Television shows.


Just when viewers think Jeremy has caught almost every river monster alive, he is fishing in the past for the epic special RIVER MONSTERS: PREHISTORIC TERROR, premiering during MONSTER WEEK. Wade calls on the same instincts he uses to catch living monsters to uncover the most deadly underwater giants of all time. He must read the water (and in some cases the land) for clues in order to bring long-forgotten beasts to light.

Using Wade’s keen understanding of modern-day monsters, top scientific discoveries and state-of-the-art CGI, the apex killers of the prehistoric era such as the 25-foot, buzz saw-toothed Helicoprion and the bone-crushing Dunkleosteus, come to life for the first time in RIVER MONSTERS: PREHISTORIC TERROR.

Jeremy catches the cousins to these ancient terrors, including the White Sturgeon, in order to make all the connections necessary to determine which of these RIVER MONSTERS is the greatest to ever live.


Watch Christian and Steve take on one of the largest freshwater game fish in the world! The Fraser Canyon not only has some of the most breathtaking scenery that Beautiful British Columbia has to offer, it also has one of the highest concentration of LARGE sturgeon in the world! These prehistoric giants put on quite the show and the guys are in for some epic battles. White sturgeon are known for their sporting qualities and love to take to the air in giant leaps and perform reel seizing runs.


Cyril has heard disturbing stories of people being accidentally injured and even killed by the huge jumping Gulf Sturgeon… and its even bigger cousin, the White Sturgeon, is the most massive freshwater fish in North America, growing to over 1500 lbs! In his quest to catch these prehistoric beasts, Cyril encounters accident victims, scientists and even Bigfoot hunters as he travels across the continent, from the murky rivers in Florida, to the mountains of British Columbia. But with a huge fish on the line in a raging alpine gorge, it’s going to take everything Cyril has to land this monster…


The Fish Warrior features lifelong adventure angler and world record-holding fisherman Jakub Vágner as he embarks on extreme fishing expeditions to the most remote regions of the world.

Jakub Vagner, local experts and Great River Fishing Adventures team up in search for a prehistoric fish that survives today, the White Sturgeon.  In search for a 9ft specimen the team travels to the rarely accessed Fraser River Canyon.  Only accessible by navigating through the unforgiving Hells Gate section of the river, where depths can get less than 12 inches and the rapids would make your average boater turn back, Great River Fishing Adventures is the only operator that has trained guides that can make this treacherous journey.  Check out our video section in the media gallery to see what happened on this incredible adventure in the Canyon!


Jimmy Houston, Americas Favourite Fisherman, is in his 31st year on national television with Jimmy Houston Outdoors, which is broadcasted on numerous networks throughout the United States.  His show consistently ranks as the #1 outdoors show on ESPN for the last 20 years.  Many angler’s grew up idolizing this legend as they watched his adventures all over their world through the television set.

Jimmy made his way to Chilliwack, British Columbia where he teamed up with two of our expert guides and experienced two of our unparalleled fishing adventures.  Jimmy spent one day on the river with Dean chasing after the Mighty White Sturgeon and the next day with Curtis fly-fishing in the Pitt River.  Both days were unforgettable and are fortunate to share with all the fishing fans out there what we have to offer in British Columbia.  Check out our video section in the media gallery to see what happened on this amazing adventure to the Fraser River!


The World Fishing Network is the only 24/7 television network dedicated to all segments of fishing with programming that covers instruction, tips, tournaments, travel, food, boating, outdoor lifestyle and more.  WFN’s wide-ranging programming line-up includes a selection of the best international series and the most diverse species coverage of any outdoor network.  Featuring popular programs hosted by the world’s top delivers the beauty of fishing.

Flymax film crew joined Great River Fishing Adventures during the 1st Annual World Sturgeon Classic Tournament to catch all the excitement from the river. The WFN team caught all the highlights of the tournament and missed very little of the action as they travelled by custom river machines to all the hot spots.  Check out our video section in the media gallery to see the WFN tournament action advertisement.


BC Outdoors Sport Fishing TV features stunning angling locations from all over British Columbia and focuses on educational content to inspire viewers to take advantage of the province’s exciting fisheries. In its second season, host Mike Mitchell joins professional guide Dean Werk for numerous shows as they explore the importance of sturgeon conservation.  Together they tag and release White Sturgeon on the Fraser River following BC`s Best Sturgeon handling practices.  Education about these modern day dinosaurs are of utmost importance and in these episodes Dean shares not only his knowledge, but his passion for these magnificent creatures.


As the host of Canada’s longest running fishing show, Bob Izumi has traveled the globe seeking out exceptional fishing opportunities and for over 25-years he has shared those adventures with anglers from across North America and around the world.

Bob joined Great River Fishing Adventures for the 1st Annual World Sturgeon Classic Tournament.  They set out on the two-day experience where they had the opportunity to play Sturgeon after Sturgeon and try their skills at battling this river goliath.


You are a very courteous, experienced and knowledgeable company who made my day an exceptional one and I will and have recommended you to others with great confidence. Thank you ever so much from a very happy client.


Magic trip.. thanks for making it so spectacular and such great fun. The guiding and company was really first class and I am looking forward to setting up camp on the Lillooet next year.


The scenery was magnificent, but the jet boat ride up the river is something to die for. It was the ride of a lifetime and we had a fishing bonanza never before experienced by me in my lifetime of fishing.