Our local rivers offer fly-fishing opportunities for all 5 species of Pacific Salmon. Starting in August the main Sockeye Salmon run appears in our river systems, providing the first opportunity to get out on the river. The Sockeye Salmon  are very feisty and provide a great opportunity for anglers of all skill levels to try their hand at fly-fishing.

During odd years only (2013, 2015, 2017, etc.), the Pink Salmon runs enter our rivers in August and September, creating a dream fishery. These are some of our largest salmon runs in the world and can number as high as 20+ million fish! The fish are extremely aggressive and are more than willing to chase a fly, providing you with constant action. It is safe to say that this is one of our most consistent fisheries and is a great fishery for both the beginner and advanced fly anglers.

From mid-September to late November, Coho SalmonChinook Salmon and Chum Salmon arrive in our rivers in great numbers, creating our world-renowned British Columbia Fall salmon fishery! Each year during this time, anglers arrive from all over the world to experience this phenomenon and do battle with hardest fighting salmon, providing you with a thrilling and tackle busting experience.


Fly-fishing for Steelhead is one of our more challenging and rewarding fisheries that we have to offer you. Having said that, with some patience, persistence, and luck, Steelhead can and do get taken on the fly. Our biggest steelhead runs are in the winter and spring months, with best fly fishing available from mid-February to Mid-May.

Our walk and wade adventures allow you to cover a lot of water effectively, while enjoying the beauty and serenity of the picturesque mountain surroundings. If you’re looking for steelhead on the fly, our knowledgeable and experienced fly fishing guides will put you onto the fly waters that steelhead like to live in.


Our local rivers have strong populations of both resident and sea-run Trout; including Cutthroat TroutRainbow Trout, and Bull Trout. Although year-round fishing is available for most of these species, fall and winter/spring months produce better than average results. The resident and sea-run Cutthroat Trout fishery is very popular amongst many local fly anglers, as they can be very aggressive, scrappy fighters, and can reach lengths of over 20 inches. Rainbow Trout are also available in our rivers and are a definite favourite amongst beginners for an introductory species that will take the fly easily and are always plentiful if you plan your adventure for the right time of the year.

COLUMBIA RIVER The Columbia River is home to one of the finest trout fisheries in the world. Tens of thousands of large wild Rainbow Trout swim these waters, just waiting to grab your fly! The section of Columbia River that flows from Castlegar, British Columbia to the US border is one of the last free-flowing stretches on this large and beautiful system. The dams that feed this river provide a year round fishery. DRY FLY FISHING TIMES The fly fishing methods used for these wild Rainbow Trout depend on the time of year that you will be visiting. The months of May – October provide dry fly action, with the best fishing period being from the end of June to the end of August. The sight of so many large fish will leave you shaken at first, but you will be challenged as you start picking out the fish that you want to target. This can be a very exciting time to fish, as you watch with anticipation, as the large rainbows rise to the surface to feed. This fishing is best done with two anglers in the boat, as you will be fishing the large back eddies and drifting in the boat as you are casting. WET FLY FISHING TIMES The Columbia, being a tailrace fishery, is fished from August, through the winter months, and into May. Many of the largest fish are taken during the spring, when these bruisers, weighing up to 10lbs, are feeding heavily on the baitfish and large stonefly nymphs. You’re not going to catch 10lb fish every day, but they do average a very hefty 4-5lbs! Even the smaller fish will leave you breathless. Sometimes, all you can do is watch your line disappear from the reel as the fish swims for the other side of fast flowing river. One of the favoured techniques is the use of Spey rods, which help you, get a little more distance on this wide river, and also aid in the mending of your long line. You will be swinging your fly as you would for steelhead…down and across… and the take of these brute, fish will surprise you every time!


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